Romantic-Spots-in-Lisbon-Fundação-Calouste-GulbenkiannPhoto: Fundação-Calouste-Gulbenkiann

Forget about Paris or Prague. Lisbon is definitely one of the most romantic cities in Europe. It has the ability to illuminate hearts with its light and mystery. It has history and art, as well as modernism and beauty. You never know what you can find around the corner. A typical food restaurant? A shop tailor or a breathtaking landscape of the city?

Romantic Spots in Lisbon Edgar-Jiménez

Photo: Edgar-Jiménez

Lisbon, known for its seven hills, brings us so many surprises, and the São Pedro de Alcântara overview is the best. When getting off at Principe Real neighbourhood, we are faced with this breathtaking panorama, overlooking the entire city and the Castle of São Jorge. Here you can drink a glass of wine and enjoy the view as night falls.

At the waterfront, after a hand ride given to the Praça do Comércio, we arrive to the Tagus River, and here we can enjoy a relaxing breeze, with seagulls flying around us as a soundtrack and the Bridge of 25 de Abril as landscape with Cristo-Rei nearby, watching over the city, as a protector.

Next to the Cathedral, at the Alfama district, we can find a perfect view for a postcard. Another spectacular viewpoint can be found in Largo Portas do Sol, where you can sit, enjoy a great lunch, and take many photos.

To end our most romantic spots in Lisbon, theirs is still missing a walk at the lovely gardens of the Gulbenkian Foundation. Full of nooks, streams, and with an outdoor amphitheatre where, in summer time, there are jazz concerts and movies. It’s the idyllic place to enjoy the nature inside Lisbon.

This city is the perfect getaway to be amazed. Come visit these romantic spots in Lisbon!

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