We’ve compiled a list of some of the most awesome swimming pools we have on We Love Small Hotels.

On a country with 300 days per year of sun and with mild temperatures, swimming pools are a must have! In summer all the ways lead to the top swimming pools of our collection! No doubt about it!

Besides the good weather and the luxury views our country provides, swimming is the best way to spend some relaxing and funny time with your family. Also you can do some exercise that is great for your health and your body shape! What else can we ask for?

Our selection unites a magnificent array of die for swimming pools. From north to south here is our very best selection:

Solar Egas Moniz, Penafiel, North & Douro Valley:

 Solar Egas Moniz, Penafiel, Douro, Swimming Pools

Special for the uniqueness and cuteness of the place with a special area for kids, Solar Egas Moniz provides security and charm to your vacations. You also have a babysitter that can play and do activities with the little ones.

Vintage House Douro

swimming pools Vintage House Douro

Vintage House Douro has a wonderful exterior pool that is special for the views over the Douro River and the vineyards landscape. If you want a cultural touch, here you can find a Wine Academy that offers many activities around the fascinating world of wines, including Wine Courses.

Monte da Fornalha, Estremoz

swimming pools Monte da Fornalha, Manor House, alentejo portugal

Monte da Fornalha is a beautiful guesthouse with six bedrooms in Alentejo. This house is special the cozy ambient and for the lush green surroundings and details of the swimming area.

Herdade da Matinha Country House and Restaurant

swimming pools Blog Herdade da Matinha Cercal, Rota Vcentina, Swimming Pool

The converted farmers’ buildings and barns that now made the houses of Herdade da Matinha are special for the informal and friendly atmosphere. The intense green surroundings and details of the area make the pool area even special. And to enjoy a better relaxing experience, you can participate in Pilates and Yoga classes, and body massages for those who love feeling pampered.

Casas do Moinho, Odeceixe

swimming pools Casas do Moinho-Odeceixe-Portugal-Charming-Hotel-Cover

The landscape, the environment and the village spirit invite you to holiday and rest at Casas do Moinho. The pool area is wonderful for being an infinity pool overlooking a centuries old windmill.

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