If your idea of a good day out is walking you’ve come to the right place. We present you a walking route in Algarve!

The Algarve region has been famous for many years, as a sun and beach destination and for its mass tourism non typical offer. However this is the Algarve that most people are looking after to meet. But not everyone is looking after this product and the Algarve is much more than this…. It has mountains, small authentic villages and is full of customs and traditions very typical from this southern region.

The project Via Algarviana is the result of the exchange of ideas and joint efforts between the Almargem Association and the Algarve Walkers, with main point of implementing a pedestrian route between the Lower Guadiana and Cape of S. Vincente, crossing the interior of Algarve. This seeks to be a kind of dorsal-spine of hiking, to complement the offer according with tastes and capabilities of Walkers.

Since few years the Algarve has inaugurated “Via Algarviana”, a 300km walking route in Algarve that goes from S. Vicente Cape in Sagres, western area until Alcotim in the opposite side of the region. The walks are mainly through the Algarve mountains in the inland area, and its 14 tracks are up to 30km long.

It will be particularly important to encourage the creation or revitalization of leisure, sales of local products, small areas of camping, restaurants and conventional housing.

So while indulging a vacation in Algarve why not selecting some of these tracks and indulge the natural inland beauty of this region?

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Photo: algarve-entdecker.com