autumn is the best time for birdwatching in Portugal

Lying at the far south-western tip of mainland Europe, on the eastern Atlantic ‘flyway’, the beautiful Portugal represent one of the continent’s top birdwatching destinations in Autumn, for both residents and visitors.

The majority of the migration in Portugal takes place during March and April in the Spring, and September and October during the Autumn, thus, though there are resident species present throughout the year, what you will see during the Winter differs markedly from what you’ll see during the Summer. Total numbers also change at different periods of the year, with some birds migrating within their range and swelling the number of individuals present at different periods of the year.

Autumn is the time when birds are coming and going around our shores, and is indeed an exciting time for birds and birding. The Autumn Migration, (during September and October) is a period that’s largely overlooked but that is incredibly productive. You can see not only Eagles either, but Honey Buzzards, Egyptian Vultures, Wrynecks and all kinds of other great species.

But not only is a great time to spot birds, but also to discover our beautiful Portugal for its sightseeing. At this time of year, the weather is still appealing warm and the golden vegetation along the bright sunny days lead you to a peaceful and serene atmosphere.

Come see for your own eyes! And…

Good birding!

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