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Nature Walks Tours in Portugal

Doing some Nature Walks in Portugal is like discovering a country through its essence. Whether your preference is for scenery, beaches, mountains or plains, Portugal as a lot to offer.

From the terraced vineyards and the green sceneries of the North of Portugal and the Douro, to the panoramic sea view, along Costa Vicentina or Algarve. If you like history, choose the medieval villages and enchanted castles in the Alentejo. We have walked every step of the routes and have chosen every one we are proposing in detail. The proposal is made: put on your walking shoes and come enjoy an authentic Portugal.

We have designed the most authentic Walk Tours in Portugal for you, with the best tips from the locals and of course with the most charming Portuguese Hotels.


Douro's beauty is the result of the perfect harmony between the natural surroundings and men influence.

We invite you to let yourself fall in love with the surroundings. And also with the epical stories, the legends and, of course, with the authenticity of the region. Finding Douro it’s discovering the history of a region with thousands of years of stories to tell.

Our Douro Valley Walk Tour includes a self-guided, medium difficulty level hike with a duration of 8 days, but this tour can be tailormade to your needs.


The center of Portugal is synonym for small and typical villages fulfilled with uniqueness.

In this tour Historical Villages Walk Tour you’ll discover Portugal’s most authentic places. Filled with charm and charisma that in perfect harmony with the surrounding region, provide you with the warmest of welcomes. This program includes a self-guided, medium difficulty level hike with a duration of 5 days.

Another great tour is the 7 Schist Villages Walk Tour, also in the center of Portugal, in which you will visit 7 incredible schist villages in the center of Portugal, with a duration of 9 days.


Sintra is a magical village and a Unesco World Herritage place. Its hillside fairy-tale village just 25km away from Lisbon, has an outstanding charm and beauty. Is definitely a place you should not miss upon your visit to Lisbon! It’s located within a natural park of immense lush green and there are many major attractions to visit. From palaces to castles, museums and royal alike properties, Sintra has a lot to offer.

Discover the history of this enchanted villages and hike through this magical routes with a one-day guided program in this Sintra Day Walk Tour.


Take advantage of the route to discover the secrets of a land of plains with immense horizons. Dotted with silvery olive trees, whitewashed houses, space and tranquility. So take your time. On the way, enjoy nature and all the vestiges of its Roman and Moorish past, spread through its towns and cities.

São Mamede mountain is the star of this experience. It is the highest point in the south of Portugal (1025m) and Marvão is one of the wonders. It’s one of the best-preserved fortified villages in Portugal, situated on a spectacular escarpment facing Spain. The view from the top of its walls are breathtaking. Castelo de Vide is famed for its romanticism and abundant greenery. Lose yourself on the streets of Portalegre’s historical center. The cuisine of this unique area is strong and charismatic. Don’t forget to ask for a local wine!

Enjoy this authentic and charming hideaways with a self-guided Inland Alentejo Walk Tour, a medium difficulty level hike with a duration of 5 days.


The color ‘sky blue’ must have been invented in the Alentejo. This region has kilometers and kilometers of deserted beaches. The Portuguese southwest coast is one of the well-kept coastal areas of Portugal. For the travelers that know it, it is probably one of the well-kept pearls in Europe.

The Alentejo is a region filled with authenticity. The coastal area adds the smooth breeze of the Atlantic, making this region one of the Portuguese favorites. We bring to you the opportunity of knowing Alentejo as well as any local person. In this Coastal Alentejo and Rota Vicentina Walk Tour you will hike takes 9 day and you’ll be your own guide!


And last, but not the least, the amazing Algarve. This is perhaps one of the most well-known regions of Portugal. Its famous beaches, cut by millennial slopes, very wanted by the sun and beach lovers. But the Algarve goes way beyond the beach. Its mountains, its historical interior and the charisma of the fishing villages, make the Algarve one of the most complete regions in Portugal.

Let yourself enjoy this genuine region, walking through fascinating paths in this 7 days hike Off-the-Beaten Track Algarve Walk Tour.


You didn’t find what you’re looking for in what we have to offer? Contact us to tailormade your trip to Portugal