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Scenic cycling in Douro Valley

Nowadays, cycling accounts for some large thousands of sportsmen/women from all over the world, who love cycling and travelling to other countries at the same time. A very good way of keeping fit and seeing other landscapes, speaking other languages and getting to know other traditions, customs and gastronomy. This is the case with the cycling activity in Douro.

The Douro Valley is perfect for a Cycling Holiday

Spring or Autumn are the best times to come both in terms of colourful scenery (almond trees covered in white in the Spring and copper tones in the vineyards in the Autumn) and comfortable temperatures (Summer time can be very hot and not particularly recommended for heavy exercising).

Douro, as it has already been referred, is a region of terraced vineyards, spectacular scenery, winding roads and high mountains divided by the Douro river. Not exactly the right setting for amateurs, rather to tough, well-prepared sportsmen who are willing to endure many moments of discomfort! Watch out, roads can be really steep! On the other hand, they are never too long, no worries!

Scenic roads, friendly people, the possibility to stop at historical villages or aristocratic wine estates not too distant from each other, its strong cultural heritage and its fabulous gastronomy, make it an excellent region to explore. Try the road that links Régua to Pinhão: you will love it!

So, why not create your own thematic trip: a mix of a Bike Tour with wine tasting in the Douro Valley. You will not be disappointed both because the quality of wines are excellent but also because old-fashioned wine estates – nowadays with cutting-edge cellars – abound. A week in Douro is surely a week of intense activity.

At night, after so much cycling, you need a good bed, a comfortable bedroom and a delicious meal. Our suggestions in terms of getaways are: Quinta do Vallado, one of the oldest estates in the region, famous for its production of top quality wines and for its offer of delicious gastronomy based on the estate’s own produce. Vintage House Hotel, a renovated wine cellar in Pinhão is also a good choice. In both cases, visits to the cellars and strolls in the vineyards are highly recommended. In the Autumn, they also offer attractive programs for overnight stays which, apart from the actual grape picking programme, also include the “ultimate” harvest experience,,i.e, the crushing by foot of grapes. About one hour from Régua, home to a museum dedicated to the Port Wine set in an imposing building dating from 1940’s, one finds the lovely 10 bedroom Solar Egas Moniz, with the river Douro only 15 minutes away. One small detail: in this property we bet you enter as a guest and leave as friend!