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Why Portugal is perfect for cycling tours?

Why Portugal is perfect for cycling tours?

Tis undoubtedly one of the best ways to get to know your destination - by bike - because you make your own path and your own rhythm.

What we propose is blazing a trail, going ahead and riding through the most beautiful villages, plains, valleys, and terraced slopes. Whether your preference is for scenery, beaches, mountains or plains, We Love Small Hotels has something for you.

In our cycling holidays in Portugal we take care of everything for you, so that you can just turn up and cycle. In Portugal, our cycling tours takes you off-the-beaten-track to discover the true culture and atmosphere of this fascinating country.

The Charming Douro Valley

If you like pedaling with lots of greenery, we suggest the North of Portugal and The Douro Valley Bike Tour because of the green landscapes and terraced vineyards planted long ago.

The Douro is the oldest wine region of the world, where for more than 200 years are produced outstanding quality wines due to its geographical conditions. Since 2011 the region is considered world heritage by Unesco.

The best time of the year to visit this regions is the Spring and the Autumn where there colour schemes gets more intense, in the Autumn, the landscapes gets golden tones and in the Spring the sceneries get whiter due to the color of the almond trees…

We invite you to cycle through our 8 days self-guided program with medium intensity. You’ll love it!

Sintra One-Day Guided Bike Tour

Sintra is hillside fairy-tale village just 25km away from Lisbon of an outstanding charm and beauty. It is located within a natural park of immense lush green and there are many major attractions to visit. From palaces to castles, museums and royal alike properties, Sintra has a lot to offer. Try our Sintra One-Day Guided Bike Tour!

Ridding through the most magical routes and trails is what our tour has to offer and we can adapt the trails according to your level of experience and expertise which can vary from 12 to 50 km and riding times from 1 up to 4 hours. The route will include magical trails through Sintra National park, a visit to palaces & castles as well as a ride until the sea, Cabo da Roca which is the western point in Europe.

Check-out some of the best things to do and see in Sintra!

Costal Alentejo And Rota Vicentina

If you’re more of a coastal landscape person, choose a route and prepare for the Coastal Alentejo and Rota Vicentina Bike Tour.

The smooth waving of the Atlantic waters, the slopes and hills that protect hidden beaches, kilometers and kilometers of wild and deserted coast. This is the Portuguese southwest coast, one of the most well-kept natural treasures in Portugal.

Let yourself get carried away by the quiet of this wild and unique Portuguese region. The places we have in mind for you are true invitations to rest, in perfect harmony with the surroundings and, of course, are small places where family dimension is a constant. We have a 7 days self-guided program with medium difficulty that is perfect for you and your family!

The Wonders of Inland Alentejo

If you’re fascinated by history, medieval villages and enchanted castles, we suggest the interior Alentejo or the historical villages, where the genuineness of the villages and their people is truly distinctive.

Apart from being one of the biggest is also one of the richest when it comes to landscapes, traditions, history and emotions. It’s made of medieval villages, plains, golden valleys, UNESCO world heritage sites and especially unique people.

Do you like to pedal through valleys and golden plains as if the horizon was your destination? Do you like a good local meal? Does the wine culture fascinates you? And how about lovely medieval village kept between the walls of castles? Do you like to feel the daily environment of truly unique rural village? If so, then this is the tour for you. 9 days pedaling self-guided around this beautiful landscapes!

Come join us in this amazing ride at the Wonders of Inland Alentejo Bike Tour!