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Why portuguese food is the next trend in europe

Por Nelson Carvalheiro

Have you been in Portugal and tried their mouth-watering cuisines and recipes? Portugal doesn’t only have a unique and beautiful sceneries, but as well delicious cuisines and recipes that will mark your plate. Therefore, Portuguese foods and recipes are astonishingly different from other European countries, as well as influenced by links with the Africa, Far East, the New World and East Indies.

This is why Portuguese food is the next trend in Europe!

Portuguese Cuisine Methods, Recipes and Techniques

One thing that makes Portugal prevalent is its sunny seasons that spread well in autumn. Through the year, tourists love visiting Portugal because of its mild climate, since it provides fruit cultivation and extensive vegetation. Fish is readily available salted, dried and fresh. Shellfish is another popular cuisine being offered on the dish with no or little garnish. The sardines, parsley, clams, lean bacon, crab and chicken are commonly used in food preparations. Some of the famous Portuguese cuisines include bacalhau and caldeira.

For the meat lovers, there are plenty of choices for you to try their delicious cuisines, such as espetada, which is a grilled beef skewers with garlic and cozido a portuguesa, a one dish meal of pork, vegetables, sausage and beef that reflects the traditional cooking resourcefulness. Caldo verde is the most well-known soup in Portugal.

At the Portuguese cuisine’s heart is the use of quality ingredients that is simply prepared on preserving their unique flavors. It is very important to select the correct amount of ingredients such as chili peppers to color or spice the dish. Aside from the recipes, visual attraction of the dish is also significant as well as balance between proportion and colors differentiate. Each of the Portuguese cuisines and recipes has special techniques, starting from the sea product through deserts, salads and dishes. The methods of cuisines rely on the ease and simplicity of preparation.

How Portuguese Influences the Food Landscape of Europe

Despite of being moderately restricted to the sustenance of Atlantic, Portuguese cuisines and recipes have various Mediterranean influences. It has made an extraordinary influence, particularly in the wide assortment of spices being used. Portuguese cuisines have seen as one of the essential impulsive moment of the traditional Portuguese food that the generation has observed. You will not see any wannabes, pretentiousness or serving fusion cuisine. All the foods that you will see and eat in Portugal are one hundred percent traditional Portuguese cuisine. It is one thing that makes Portugal food scene and influences the Europe’s food landscape.

Moreover, because of the creative combinations of foods that results to have a many various influences for more than years. You will only find here the dishes that combine clams with pork, ham with trout as well as seafood and eggs with whole loaves of bread, and many more.

Portugal is among the famous country because of its vacation spots, restaurants, hotels and others. But cuisines and recipes are one of the reasons why people love visiting this place. They have different and unique cuisine methods, recipes and techniques that put aside to other foods in the world. That’s why it has big influence to the food landscape of Europe and other country.

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Autor Nelson Carvalheiro

Award winning travel blogger who dedicates his work to the soul and sense of place of the locations he has visited, the people he has met and the food he has tasted.