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10 unique experiences in Portugal

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Portugal is a land of true beauty where history, nature and culture converge to create unforgettable experiences. Whether you’re exploring a village, indulging in the rich culinary traditions or hiking through trails and pathways, this is a place where you can live unexpected adventures that will captivate your heart and soul.

In this article, we share with you 10 unique activities that showcase the diverse and vibrant essence of this remarkable country.

1. Kayaking at the Islet of Vila Franca do Campo (Azores)

 Embark on a kayaking adventure around the Islet of Vila Franca do Campo. With its tranquil lagoon and clear waters, this volcanic islet is perfect for beginners and experienced kayakers. Enjoy panoramic views of São Miguel Island and the opportunity for snorkelling and explore the underwater life.

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2. Climb Pico Mountain (Azores)

Go up to Portugal's highest peak, Pico Mountain. This challenging hike takes you up to 2351 meters/7714 feet, rewarding you with stunning views over the Azores archipelago and a rare beauty around you. The climb is a testament to nature's grandeur, offering a sense of accomplishment as you reach the summit.

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3. Levadas Walks (Madeira)

Explore the famous Levadas of Madeira, ancient irrigation channels that snake through the lush, mountainous terrain. In the heart of the Laurissilva Forest pass by waterfalls, see different endemic and native species and pass by breathtaking viewpoints along the way.

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4. River Trekking (Gerês National Park)

Dive into the wild beauty of Gerês National Park with a river trekking adventure. River Trekking is an aquatic trek, exploring the natural beauty of the rivers of Peneda-Gerês National Park. This adventure does not use any ropes technique, just dives, jumps and walks between lagoons, rocks and paths, along the Adrão river. This immersive experience connects you directly with nature's unspoiled beauty.

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5. Be a Shepherd for a Day (Minho)

Learn traditional herding techniques, interact with farm animals and enjoy the peaceful countryside. Walk with a shepherd and his herd of goats or sheep and dogs, allowing you to discover the territory at a pace that is dictated by the animals. This experience contributes to the good management of the mountains and forests: it keeps the paths clean, the goats eat some invasive species and prevents the spread of fires while guaranteeing income for the local population.

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6. Rota Vicentina Walks (Alentejo Southwest Coast)

Hike the scenic trails of Rota Vicentina along Portugal's southwestern coast. These paths take you through rugged cliffs, sandy beaches and quaint fishing villages, providing a perfect blend of natural beauty and cultural richness. While doing the Rota, taste the delicious gastronomy of the region and explore the deserted beaches.

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7. Walk in the Crater of a Dormant Volcano (Azores)

Experience the unique opportunity to walk inside the crater of a dormant volcano in the Azores. These geological wonders offer a surreal landscape of lush vegetation and volcanic rock formations, providing a truly unique hiking experience. The walk starts at Caldeira do Faial and you will descend a thousand meters from the vertiginous top to the heart of the dormant volcano.

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8. Be a Winemaker for a Day (Alentejo)

Immerse yourself in the winemaking tradition of Alentejo. Participate in a wine experience at João Portugal Ramos and create your own wine. The experience also includes a visit to the winery, wine tasting and lunch.

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9. Walk in Passadiços do Mondego (Geopark Estrela)

Discover the Passadiços do Mondego, a wooden walkway in Estrela Geopark, a territory classified by UNESCO. This path winds through 12 kilometres of the rugged Serra da Estrela landscape, offering spectacular views of the Mondego River, surrounding mountains and verdant meadows making it a must-visit for nature lovers. 

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10. Cooking Class in a Typical Farm (Algarve)

Join a cooking class on a traditional Algarve farm, Monte Álamo. Learn to prepare an authentic fish “Cataplana” (a traditional recipe from the Algarve) and also how to prepare a dessert made of almond and carob. The recipes used in this class is part of the rich and healthy Mediterranean diet, characteristic of the south of Portugal: Alentejo and Algarve.

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