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Best portuguese fishing villages

From North to South, our coast is sprinkled with many fishing villages.

We present you the best portuguese fishing villages:

Portugal’s coast is about 800 km long. Understandably, the Atlantic ocean and all activities linked with it play an enormous role in both the national economy as well as in the everyday life of many Portuguese. We are a nation of sailors and fishermen. So, let us pick 2 regions and some of our favourite ones:

Afurada, a traditional village at the mouth of the Douro river. It lies opposite to Porto’s waterfront, the perfect spot to have it photographed (try the sunset!). If you would rather visit it, just cross Arrábida bridge, walk around the docks and watch the fishermen mend and stack their nets. Whilst there, try wonderfully fresh fish at local little “tascas” and enjoy the views towards the mouth of the river.

Near Porto, towards the North, lies Esposende, an old fishing village that comes alive in the Summer. Its sandy beaches and green pine forests are superb, as are the views towards the Cavado river. A good place to spend a leisurely day (maybe cycling?). For some of culture, visit Vila do Conde, very close by, an ancient medieval shipyard full of historical and architectural points of interest whose origins go back to year 953!

In the Lisbon area, you must visit Cascais. Initially a fishing village, it turned into a seaside resort for the 19th century aristocracy. Since then it is home to many wealthy people, both national and international, who fell in love with its sunlight and nearness to Lisbon (only 22 km).

Zambujeira do Mar or Vila Nova de Milfontes are also great spots to explore the region. Close to pristine beaches and other fishing villages, they are part of various walking and biking trails. In Zambujeira, for instance, visit the famous Tasca do Celso, which offers the best seafood you can dream of!

Close to the Spanish border, is located the character-full fishing town of Tavira. Phoenicians, Romans and Arabs were the ancestors of Tavira, with its many churches, beautiful roofs and pure architecture. We love Tavira because of its cleanliness, warm nights and nearness to Ria Formosa (a bird sanctuary), a must see for nature lovers.

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