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Experience north Portugal's breathtaking natural scenery

By We Love Small Hotels | 16 June 2024

If you're looking for a unique and immersive experience, that mixes nature, gastronomy and beautiful small hotels to stay in the north of Portugal, you came to the right place.

We promise to take you off the beaten track to explore untouched places, dive into refreshing clear waters, try the best local restaurants and sip world-class wines in the north of Portugal. At the end of the day, sleep in small hotels that perfectly blend comfort and local charm.

Porto: entrance door to the north

Before or after you go “into the wild”, spend some time exploring the vibrant city of Porto. Wander through its historic streets, visit iconic landmarks and uncover the treasures that make this city a beloved destination. While there, be sure to visit the renowned Port wine cellars.

A journey into the unexplored

Embark on a journey to discover places yet to be uncovered by the masses. Your adventure begins in the demarcated green wine area starting at Amarante where you can do a guided walk through the Sheperd Trail with a shepherd and his herd of wild goats and walk along the Vinho Verde Trail.

Still in this area, explore the serene landscapes of the Natural Park of Alvão, where you can hike along Fisgas de Ermelo Trail and marvel at the untouched beauty. From there, venture to Mondim de Basto and Vila Real, each offering unique experiences and stunning natural views.

Roll up your sleeves for these workshops

Be a winemaker for a day and create your wine. Participate in the whole process of creating a wine until you bottle it and customise its label. You made something to drink, it’s time to make something to eat. Participate in a unique and traditional Cooking Workshop to prepare a typical codfish dish. Bom apetite!

You can do all this in our Nature & Wine lovers - Porto and the north of Portugal tour

Peneda-Gerês National Park Adventure

Prepare to be amazed by Peneda-Gerês, the most spectacular and preserved national park in Portugal. This park is a haven for adventure seekers and nature lovers alike, offering a plethora of activities that will get your adrenaline pumping and your senses tingling.

For the most adventurers

While at Peneda-Gerês Park you will have the chance to participate in many activities like canyoning to navigate through the canyons, rappelling down waterfalls and plunge into crystal-clear pools; do an E-Bike guided tour through the scenic beauty of the park and its forest, but also the historic villages, dams and viewpoints with incredible landscapes and even a river trekking experience to explore the natural beauty of the rivers.

Experience the local culture

Participate in a workshop to bake a typical Portuguese bread made from corn, known as Broa. Also, take the opportunity to walk with a shepherd and his herd of goats or sheep and dogs, allowing you to discover the territory at a slow pace.

Explore the Peneda-Gerês National Park in this adventure tour

These accommodations will be your home away from home, serving as the starting point for your adventures:

Torel Avantgarde | Monverde Wine Hotel | Casa Agrícola da Levada | Lima Escape Glamping | Casa do Afonso | Tipografia do Conto

Why do it with We Love Small Hotels

We will take you on an adventure like no other, where wild nature, rich history and incredible experiences await. These experiences are designed for those who seek extraordinary and unforgettable memories. Additionally, we believe in sustainable tourism by supporting the local small companies, local guides and small family-run businesses, in each region of Portugal, so your travel can have a positive impact on the communities visited.