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Experience an Authentic Portugal

Portugal's History

Portugal’s borders, now almost 900 years old, were once occupied by Romans and Moors. When the Moors were driven out by the Portuguese, Portugal became the European country with the oldest borders in Europe. History was made of good and bad fortunes and the Portuguese arrived in the 16th century as representatives of the greatest naval empire and most of the trade routes in the world.

Eight centuries of the reigns of monarchs were marked by beautiful legends, emotional stories and the construction of imposing monuments in different styles, one of which is very Portuguese, the Manueline style, with marked nautical influence. This entire legacy of hundreds of years, combined with great heroes and important Portuguese personalities, makes the history of Portugal by itself a reason for visiting.

Portugal “planted by the sea” has the cultural and historical wealth of a country with the oldest borders in Europe. Coupled with the beauty and diversity of the landscape, still sheltered from mass tourism routes, it enchants and captivates for its authenticity and natural beauty.

The Portuguese

The Portuguese are known for their humility, friendliness and warm reception.


Portuguese food is of great richness and variety and is very important to any "good Portuguese".

Bread, wine and olive oil are the base of the cuisine and when you are sitting at the table, there will certainly be no shortage of cheese with different varieties and textures. The sweets are heavily influenced by the convents and are considered to be veritable wonders from the “gods”. Speaking of nectar, there being no better name for the portuguese wine, grown in vineyards in specific regions and of distinct quality, with very different characteristics from north to south, the wine culture is a constant in Portuguese cuisine, very much appreciated abroad.

Climate and Nature

The 300 days of sunshine that illuminate this tranquil and peaceful country, is just one aspect that makes it special.