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Portugal’s best places you need to visit

By We Love Small Hotels

Portugal is full of hidden treasures. From North to South there are magnificent landscapes to use your camera, forests where the tracks are still to be discovered, pristine sandy beaches that stretch until you lose sight of. In this country (where there is still so much to explore) you need to dare going off-the-beaten-track, know the country's interior and the charm of the typical villages and genuine people. In these places, you can still find the Portuguese traditions and the food and wine that reflects the flavours of an entire country served at the “table”. Climb paths along the coast that are untouched by the human hand and marvel at the natural beauty.

We will help to tailormade your journey through the best of Portugal, so we have chosen some of Portugal’s best places you need to visit:

Starting up North, more precisely along the Douro region known for its valleys where its vineyards offer us the best that is produced here and the majestic Douro river, that takes us to the famous city of Porto. To truly get to know the Wine Region of the Douro, classified by UNESCO World Heritage, we suggest that you choose the smallest hotels, the most typical villages and enjoy the best of the region, the wines! Build your way through the Douro valleys with our tours, biking or walking in the Douro region. You can’t miss one of the most beautiful roads in the world here!

The centre of Portugal retains some of the country's greatest natural reserves, combining natural landscape in the forests and mountains, together with very well preserved villages that have ancient and genuine traditions. We suggest a trip through the 7 schist villages, get to know unique preserved old villages of Portugal and sleep in the typical and charming houses of the schist villages.

The Alentejo region is a unique region in Portugal, its wild coast and the magic inland showcase such extraordinary places that you can’t skip. Costa Vicentina, a coast that goes along from Alentejo to Algarve, is a place where the beaches stretch out of sight and pristine nature is home to several animals. Venture on a walk along the Alentejo Coast & Rota Vicentina and discover the calm beaches and typical villages. In the interior of the Alentejo, also known for the good wines produced there and for the typical gastronomy, you can discover the "montados" to lose sight of and the rural way of life. Walk or Bike through the Alentejo fields, drive along the roads lined with typical vegetation and rest in small and boutique hotels with the Alentejo atmosphere.

Find true authenticity in Algarve, the streets, its people and flavours. With a dazzling coast, pristine shores and charming streets, Algarve is full of hidden treasures. Stay in the countryside country houses or small boutique hotels by the beach and enjoy some relaxing days. Discover the Mediterranean diet with a food tour and enjoy a journey through the flavours of fresh bread, Portuguese olive oil, wine, fresh seafood and fish and aromatic herbs.