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World Tourism Day and the pandemic

By We Love Small Hotels

This year, World Tourism Day brings us a bittersweet flavour. At one hand and because of the pandemic, tourism suffered throughout the entire world, with uncertainties, prohibitions and fears. On the other hand, it was also the cause of the population to turn to their own country. There was a sudden interest in wanting to discover national places not yet visited, which, because international destinations were always prioritized, remained obscured.

The pandemic, which closed borders and brought confinement, has also further emphasized the importance of tourism, its cultural, economic, political and social value, which is why this day becomes even more special in this atypical year of 2020.

This year's theme is “Tourism and rural development”, a topic that Portugal is very familiar with. From the typical schist villages in the interior to the fishing villages on the coast or the most picturesque ones in the North and Alentejo, the most beautiful villages on the mainland are connected by charming roads and this year more locals discovered these unique spots.

It is in the most authentic regions of Portugal that you can still find ways of life from the old days, making your trip really special. Discover them.

The Douro Wine Land, it is undoubtedly one of the most charming regions, located in the north of the country. Known for the steep slopes where the vines are planted and the river that divides them. The natural surroundings and historical legacy have attracted lovers of wine, history and culture. Following the course of the Douro River, this is a place where several villages are found on a path to be taken slowly. Our proposal is that you discover the Douro on foot and let yourself be amazed.

In the centre of Portugal, there is an almost magical place, a cluster of villages that have left the legacy of ancient times mirrored in their architecture. Schist villages tell stories if you want to hear or even experience them, discover them by our hands on a walking tour.

On the southwest coast, you can still find daily routines from old times. Activities linked to the countryside life and the sea still persist for those who have found a home along the Costa Vicentina. Travel this coast on what is one of the best-known routes on the Alentejo coast, the Rota Vicentina. Discover typical villages, welcoming people and a rhythm of life that is no longer from this fast time.

Discover centuries of history in the interior of the Alentejo, where medieval villages and towns have an incredible historical legacy. Enter castles, stroll through forests and "montados". Stroll on foot in idyllic surroundings of this authentic Alentejo and, to gain strength, do not forget to taste the gastronomy and wines of the region.