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10 reasons that will make you fall in love with Portugal

We give you 10 reasons that will make you fall in love with Portugal:

1. You’ll love Portugal for the waves.

Portugal is full of waves! If you look at Portugal on the map, you will see it’s just one huge portion of coastline. It is one of the best countries for surfers, in fact the largest waves ever surfed in the world were in Portugal! There’s plenty of waves to be enjoyed anywhere!

2. You’ll love Portugal for its weather.

Mild winters with temperatures rarely drop below 10ºC along the coast and hot summers refreshed by the Atlantic breeze. Portugal has the perfect balance of sunshine, dry air and oceanic weather. We enjoy one of the longest summers in Europe, and the most number of sunny days in a year. Hard to beat this!

3. You’ll love Portugal for its landscape.

Mountains, rivers, beaches, rocky cliffs, islands, we have it all! And it’s not just the landscape, it’s what you can do in all that wide space. Biking, hiking, walking, surfing, rafting, birdwatching, cannoeing, fishing, rock climbing, paragliding… The possibilities are endless! It’s certainly a paradise for people who love nature, sports and great outdoors.

Take a look at this landscapes and enjoy our tours.

4. You’ll love Portugal for the beaches

Portugal has the majority of its awesome coastline and beaches facing west, which happens to be the orientation the sun sets every day. No wonder sunsets are amongst the most lingering memories you’ll have from your stay. Check some of the great beaches in Portugal.

5. You’ll love Portugal for the food.

Traditional Portuguese food tends to be hearty, but healthy. It has many Mediterranean influences and you will find distinct typical dishes depending on the region. Cod fish (“bacalhau”) will be a staple no matter where you go, but you can also have delicious meat dishes like duck rice (“arroz de pato”) or Portuguese stew (“cozido à Portuguesa”). Due to the influence of Portugal’s former colonial possessions, the food is richly spiced and olive oil, cilantro and garlic are the bases of Portuguese cuisine. Finally, the pastries and the deserts are to die for! You can’t afford to miss the custard pies (“pastel de nata”), the God’s bread (“pão de Deus”) or the “Leite Creme” – a sweet dessert made with cream, eggs, and roasted sugar. Try the most authentic Foodie Tour in Portugal!

6.You’ll love Portugal for the wine.

Portugal is known all over the world for Port wine, which is typically red and sweet and often served as a dessert wine. But that’s not all that Portugal has to offer in the wine department. You will be surprised by the “vinho verde” which is served even in small restaurants or “tascas”, especially in the north. It can be fresh, vibrant and fruity. If you prefer your wine robust and full-bodied you might want to try a bottle of Douro or Alentejo. Try the Nature & Wine Lovers Tour in Porto & Douro region.

7. You’ll love Portugal for the good coffee with the “pastel de nata”

Portugal has the best espresso in the world. It’s strong and all flavored and it tastes like heaven when you drink it along with the sweetest “pastel de nata” (custard tarts). It’s the best combination!

8. You’ll love Portugal for Fado.

You’ll never hear anything as haunting as Fado. Fado literally means fate or destiny and is the soul music of Portugal. It’s often about love or loss, and has a melancholy theme accompanied by the guitars. Even if you can’t understand all the words, you will certainly feel all the emotions echoed in Fado.

9. You’ll love Portugal for the warmth of the Portuguese people.

The quick to smile, easy to love, warm, friendly Portuguese. The fishermen with their old fashioned hats. The grandmas dressed in black with their soft faces and culinary secrets. The industrious people working in their farms and gardens, but take a moment to pause and return your wave. The beer drinking, good-looking surfers who wink their eyes at you. The Portuguese who are often trying to teach you something new whether it’s a Portuguese word or one of their hundreds of recipes to cook “bacalhau”. The ones who are often proud that they can speak to you in English or French and will go out of their way to give you directions or help you find what you need. Do we need to say more?

10. You’ll love Portugal for the trams that make everyone happy

Life in Porto and Lisbon has been embellished by historical trams running all over the center town in the past century. Particularly in Lisbon, it’s impossible to leave the city without a ride in the popular tram 28 which connects areas of the city still inaccessible by metro.