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Delights of the portuguese pastry

The Portuguese pastry is for itself one of the country ex-libris and we are confident to say one of the bests pastries in the world!

Many of this “angel sent pastries” were created in the monasteries by monks and nuns during the middle ages, usually as a way of increasing their incomes.

This is exactly the story behind the world famous Pasteis de Belém, sold today in the five continents.

The Portuguese pastries are usually sugar and egg based, mainly with yolks but there is a huge variety that includes chocolate based, cinnamon, marzipan and almond. These last ones are a reflection of the moors occupation in Portugal during the 8th and the 13th centuries. A trip to Portugal is not complete until you try a reasonable variety of pastries (as reasonable as your diet and willing allows you). In Lisbon one of the most famous pastry shops is “Confeitaria Nacional”, located in Lisbon downtown area and opened since 1829. Besides its charming ambiance, it offers the very best of the Portuguese pastry from the different regions of Portugal. Every region has its own specialty so our suggestion is for you to ask for a box of mini samples! And sugary regards from Portugal!

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