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Go green on your next travel to Portugal

By We Love Small Hotels

This week we have celebrated Earth Day, a day that serves as a reminder of environmental problems and the importance of resources and biodiversity on this blue planet. For the same reasons, We Love Small Hotels has taken another step towards environmental sustainability.

The passion for authenticity and the uniqueness of Portugal marks our tours. It is present in people, activities, and small boutique hotels. We not only guarantee a unique and immersive experience with traditions and cultures, but we support local communities that give great value.

We believe that having social responsibility is our duty, that we must make a contribution to those who are part of our path. However, we not only value our partners but the territory that dazzles those who pass by. For this reason, We Love Small Hotels joined QUERCUS and whenever a tour is sold, a tree in your name is planted, in Portugal.

Go the extra mile on sustainability tourism

Leave with us your holiday planning to Portugal, we will guarantee that you stay in a small boutique hotel that respects the environment and the local community; we will give you advice on where to eat and what to see based on what is unique and has an ethical commitment.

But you can go even further…

  • Choose one of our Bike or Walk tour in Portugal. You will move slower without a car, but the experience will be richer. Meet the locals, discover the culture and be part of it.
  • Don’t use plastic bottles, use your own bottle and fill it in the many fountains with fresh water spread throughout the country.
  • Go local on your meals, ask the locals the best restaurants, if you are outside the big towns, they probably use fresh produce and ingredients to prepare their gastronomic specialities.
  • Leave a light footprint wherever your path is, respect nature and don’t leave trash along the way.
  • Consider doing your part in hotels, with short showers, turning off the lights and re-use towels whenever it’s possible.

For some inspiration, check our walk and bike tours from North to South of Portugal and also don't forget to check out our Eco Tour of Portugal. Remember, by booking with us you will always be part of our land, a special contribution to a greener future.

Explore the best of Portugal, like a local.