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New Boutique Hotels in Portugal

By We Love Small Hotels

Summer is the perfect season to bring new destinations to explore, experiences to live and beautiful boutique hotels to stay. Days are longer, the weather is warm welcoming and if you are in “vacation mode”, discover more about We Love Small Hotels new offers to enjoy summer in Portugal.

New Boutique Hotels in Portugal added to our portfolio:

You can find Mo House overlooking the Douro river, right in the city centre of Porto. A delightful boutique hotel with nine bright and spacious rooms all featured with self-catering facilities. The bohemian decoration, mixing woods, baskets and contemporary details, brings a cosy and warm feeling to your stay in this city known as Invicta.

It’s the perfect place to visit places such as Lello bookstore, Clérigos Tower and Bolhão market, all of them at just a few paces distance. The Ribeira area is also very near, 3 minutes walking distance and you will be side by side with the river watching the Dom Luís I Bridge and all the Port wine cellars on the other side.

Located in Santa Cruz, the centre of Portugal, this eco-charming surf house boasts a perfect balance between nature and the environment. With views towards the Atlantic coast, it is a small hotel dedicated to the sea!

Rooms have a mixed style amid boho, naturalist, and clean decoration. It’s perfect for nature lovers and for people looking for some activity. From skating on the skate park to having surf or bodyboard classes, as well as yoga, stretching and balance lessons are some of the options.

Foodies are welcome as well, Noah Surf House offers unique cooking classes and all the ingredients are fresh, bio and organic from the vegetable garden.

Monte do Serrado de Baixo is located in Évora and has the traditional architecture from Alentejo. This countryside retreat serves delicious breakfasts with natural and local products that will give you that boost to start your day.

With only 4 rooms, peace and quiet are guaranteed, the best way to enjoy the Alentejo countryside. Outside, there is a garden to relax, a swimming pool to fresh the hotter days and a farmhouse. Monte Serrado de Baixo is also a starting point to discover the historical centre of Évora, UNESCO World Heritage city and all the vineyards spread through the region.

New tours to flick your summer:

  • The Jewish Heritage in Portugal

Discover the legacy left by the Jewish community in Portugal between the 10th and 15th century, indulge in history and heritage. The Jewish presence can be found from North to South, in villages across all country and we handpicked a selection of the most charming ones including Belmonte, where is located the sole Peninsular community legitimately heir to the ancient historical presence of the Sephardic Jews.

Find out more about the Jewish Heritage Tour in Portugal.

  • The Portuguese Route 66 | Rota Nacional 2

This tour is an authentic road trip across all Portugal, a search for authenticity, beautiful landscapes and boutique hotels to create memories that will last forever.

The so-called Portuguese Route 66 (road Nacional 2) connects the country from North to South, this route starts in the north and goes through the vineyards of the Douro, passes by the Alentejo fields until the beautiful beaches of the Algarve, through its 738km distance.

Discover this land with the best local tips that we prepared for you and know more about the Portuguese Route 66 Tour.

  • Hike & Cook in Alentejo

Stay in Alentejo and as you walk along the trails in the golden fields of the region, let yourself be surprised by the nature around you, but also by the monuments and all the history behind them. This tour includes a walk to the Unesco city centre of Évora where you will be mesmerized by the history that lays in such a small city.

Also, because this is a region known for its wine and gastronomy, walk around the vineyards and have the opportunity to do cooking workshops with you can pair with a good glass of wine.

To know more details, check the Alentejo Hike & Cook Tour.

  • Walking Mentorship – Southwest Coast Portugal

This is a tour to clear your mind and gain perspective as you go on a mentored walk with João Perre Viana. It’s a life-changing mentoring experience that will help you make more though decisions, personal or professional and move forward. It is also an opportunity to reconnect with yourself and a way to recharge your batteries.

You will create a “polaroid” of your current situation according to different perspectives and then define some objectives and the steps needed to achieve your goals. This tour is an invitation to a personal development activity anchored through a walking activity within natural beautiful landscapes of one of the best untouched natural areas of Portugal, the southwest coast where the paths of Rota Vicentina are.

Are you ready to change your life? Check-in at the Walking Mentorship Tour.

  • A Love Letter to Lisbon by the Portuguese writer Fernando Pessoa

Explore the city of Lisbon following the lines in the book of the famous Portuguese writer, Fernando Pessoa. The poet will be your guide and with the help of his book, discover paths and details in the most remarkable streets of the city and also important monuments of the capital of Portugal.

This is the opportunity to feel not only like a local but also to see Lisbon as no else did it before with inputs about the city at the time between the two world wars. If you are ready to indulge in the capital and observe it through the eyes of the poet, find out more about Fernando Pessoa  Lisbon's Tour.