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Stroll along the wine region of Douro valley

Stroll along the wine region of Douro Valley

What makes the wine so irresistible? Is it the taste? The ruby colour? The state of mind as one gets when drinking? Its history and wisdom? The magic landscape of the vineyards? The region of the Douro, acclaimed as the most beautiful wine region in the world, is the major symbol of this beautiful love story for the wine – for its beauty, history, people and taste.

Following the course of the Douro River, we arrive to the land of the wine, full of bright green and fresh air. The views are made of carved hills leading to the famous Porto wine and the most appreciated wines of the Douro and Vinho Verde Regions. We can see the colour changing with the different seasons, which makes this region even more surprising. Probably, we can still find here the same conditions that were found 2000 years ago which allowed producing the best wine in the world.

Sitting on a porch, drinking a glass of Port wine after dinner, we invite you to close your eyes and join us on this journey of the 5 senses of the Douro.

Listen – Travel on the historic train in the Douro, between banks and landscapes, a true journey back in time. Begin in Peso da Régua, with a stop at Pinhão, through the river Tua.

Taste – On the road between Peso da Régua and Pinhão, have lunch at the breath-taking DOC Restaurant from Chef Rui Paula, where every meal is a unique and special moment. The menu has a strong regional influence, but it has evolved into new flavours and contrasts. With an extraordinary wine menu and numerous references, the Douro region is well represented inside these doors.

See – Experience sailing through the Douro river. On the same deck where you have enjoyed a regional lunch, go on board on a Sailing Ship of our friend António from Douro à Vela, and for a few hours, stroll among the beautiful valleys, “hugging” the Douro river, passing by wealthy ancient mansions, vineyards and sleepy villages, where the only sound is the train rolling over the rails.

Smell – Take a deep breath to smell Douro and Vinho Verde wines. The northern region is the setting for the route of Vinho Verde and Douro Wines, unique and exclusive in the world. The characteristics that define and differ Vinho Verde is its aromatic expression with fruity and floral notes, as well as the freshness and lightness of wine. In Douro, besides the Port wine, one of the top wines of Douro region, there are many other wines also popular and tasty in this region. Its main feature is its fortification. The protection of the mountains, the hand of man on the carved staircase covered with vineyards, gathers all the necessary conditions for achieving a unique wine. We suggest you to visit the following “Quintas” for tasting and learning about the wine making process. In the Vinho Verde region don’t miss Quinta da Aveleda. In the Douro, don’t miss Quinta do Vallado and Quinta da Pacheca.

Touch – Feel the history and soul in every single detail of these boutique, charming houses, to spend your time.

Our suggestions where to sleep after a beautiful trip along the Douro river: Solar Egas Moniz Charming House; Quinta do Vallado Wine Hotel and The Vintage House Douro.

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