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(my) Autumn Trip By The (charming) Douro Valley - Day 5

# Day 5 - 1872 RIVER HOUSE, PORTO It was late in the morning and I arrived at Porto-Campanhã ...

Portugals best small hotels

Portugal’s Best Small Hotels is a curated selection of Portugal’s most authentic, private and int...

(my) Autumn Trip By The (charming) Douro Valley - Day 1 & 2

One early autumn afternoon, I get an email from Filipa, mentor from  We Love Small Hotels ...

Some of the best small houses and small boutique hotels to stay in Portugal

Times are changing. Travellers want more real experiences and less materialistic distractions on...

(my) Autumn Trip By The (charming) Douro Valley - Day 4

#Day 4 - VINTAGE HOUSE, PINHÃO We began to be dazzled by the  Vintage House Wine Hotel  long be...

Best Wine Hotels to participate in the Harvest Season in Portugal

Portugal is a country that from North to South proudly displays its vineyards and steep terrains...

What's new this summer in Portugal

Summer is the perfect season to bring new destinations to explore, experiences to live and...

(my) Autumn Trip By The (charming) Douro Valley - Day 3

#Day 3 - QUINTA DO VALLADO, PESO DA RÉGUA I write this out of my heart. There are places that ...

Best small hotels in the North and Douro

Portugal was born in the North. And arriving in Porto, it feels like taking a step back in time...

The charms of the North of Portugal

To discover the North of Portugal, you should ideally start from Oporto, its capital. This city, a...

6 places to visit in the Center of Portugal

One of the most famous natural events in the region - the Nazaré canyon - helped to spread the ...

Beautiful winter in Portugal

Winter in Portugal is a delightful season with frequent sunshine up and down the country and...

10 Best experiences to do in Portugal

Portugal is a country full of true and unforgettable experiences. If you choose this land by the...

Best small hotels for a spring getaway

Best Small Hotels for a Spring Getaway Spring has arrived here in Portugal, making it the perfect...

A guide to the best beaches in the Algarve

Technically, it arrives in June. But by early May when the sun starts to shine in earnest, the sun...

The Best Wine Hotels & Wine Experiences in Portugal

The Portuguese wines are part of the Portuguese heritage and have contributed to the birth of wine...

The Ultimate Food Guide to Portugal by We Love Small Hotels

The Portuguese gastronomy is rich in flavour and in ingredients, with a big influence by the...

The most authentic Foodie Tour in Portugal

Portugal is a country that although being small, has an extensive diversity from North to South and...

The Portuguese Route 66

Portugal is a country known for its mild climate, welcoming people and good gastronomy. By its...

Family time in Portugal – the best experiences and small hotels

Portugal is full of traditions that become authentic experiences for children and adults. It is a...

Cycling in Alentejo Breathtaking Scenery

The inner Alentejo is made up of breathtaking plains. They are green and covered in wild little...

Walk in Algarve

Algarve inhabitants boast of having the best weather in the whole country. Mild winters, not too...

Get outdoors with we love small hotels

Some of you might be avid independent hikers, but some of you prefer to have things nicely...

10 things you will not want to miss in Douro

Douro is one of the most beautiful Portuguese regions. Its natural beauty, made up of vineyards...

Best portuguese fishing villages

From North to South, our coast is sprinkled with many fishing villages. We present you the best...

Rivers and mountains family adventures in Portugal

Family vacations for me are a patchwork of memories – there were the many summers that my cousins a...

Scenic cycling in Douro Valley

Nowadays, cycling accounts for some large thousands of sportsmen/women from all over the world, who...

The must visit cycling paths in Portugal

In the last few years, Portugal has been investing a lot in cycling paths. Currently there is an...

Reasons to fall in love with Alentejo and its traditions

Like all other regions in Portugal, Alentejo is also home to specific customs and traditions. Let...

The exuberant douro harvest

September and October are the best months in the Douro Valley: the light is golden, the vineyards...

A Portuguese Christmas table

The Christmas Holiday Season in Portugal is known as family time for giving and sharing. Also, we...

Where to go in 2016: stroll along the wine region of Douro valley

Where to go in 2016: stroll along the wine region of Douro Valley What makes the wine so...

Rail Trails in Portugal

Best Rail Trails in Portugal The first train ride in Portugal took place in 1856 and made a trip...

12 unique travel experiences to do in Portugal

2020 and 2021 were years to gain inspiration. Most of the time closed at home, we travelled by...

Rustic Villages in central Portugal

Central Portugal is home to a group of schist villages which are a delight for all those who love...

Vinho Verde from Portugal

Vinho Verde or Green wine, have you heard of it? Sounds weird and it is not even green, but is one...

Why we love small hotels

PERSONALIZATION Personalization is paramount in a boutique property and it could be easily added...

Best beaches for walking and biking

There are many things we love about Portugal. But one of them stands out from all others: our...

Hotels & Homes

Solar Egas Moniz

"This manor house is not a mere rental accommodation or a family run guest house, it is not mere...

Vila Monte Farm House

“A reinterpretation of the Algarve lifestyle, with the perfect integration of its emblematic e...

Casa Agrícola da Levada Eco Village

A eco farm hotel b etween the Douro Valley and the Alvão Nature Reserve

Hotel Quinta da Pacheca

"Life is good, but wine is better" - Fernando Pessoa

Fazenda Nova Country House

“A true haven in the rural heart of the Eastern Algarve.”

Imani Country House

A country house in the Alentejo, with centennial gardens and cedar woods

Terra Rosa Country House & Vineyards

In the heart of Minho, enjoy a unique "Quinta", fulfilled with dreams, wines and hectares to lose...

1872 River House

"A lovely destination at Ribeira do Porto, with the Douro River as its background"

Cerca Design House

Between the quiet of the mountains

Monte do Serrado de Baixo

In the middle of the most authentic Alentejo

Quintãs Farm Houses

A perfect nature getaway Farmouse

Monte da Bemposta

The perfect symbiosis between countryside and sea

Casa Valxisto - Country House

A nature retreat in an authentic country house

Quinta do Vallado Wine Hotel

"A legendary farm in the heart of Douro region combining the most distinguished nectars with the...

Herdade do Touril

"The lovely Herdade do Touril, in the Alentejo Coast invites you to enjoy your stay among nature...

Casa do Zé Sapateiro

"An authentic and genuine experience in a historical house and in a schist village"

Herdade dos Castelejos

Herdade dos Castelejos is located in the picturesque village of Monte Guerreiro, in a unique...

Praia Verde Boutique Hotel

"In a quiet 10 minute walk, between a creek and stone pine trees, we reach the beautiful Praia...

The Vintage House Douro

“A charming hotel on the margins of Douro river”

Quinta da Dourada

"Where the silence makes time stand still"

Morgadio da Calçada

"An enchanting location with the Douro River as its background"

Noah Surf House

Dazzle with beautiful beaches and the views to the Atlantic

Casa do Governador

"A charming rustic refuge just a few steps from Évora"

Herdade da Matinha

"A timeless place on Costa Vicentina that invites you to a memorable experience through its nooks...

Hotel Sublime Comporta

"An authentic retreat that rests in a magical place like Comporta. An immersive cultural experience...

Monte do Álamo

Between the countryside and the ocean

São Lourenço do Barrocal

The charm of the Alentejo, between Monsaraz and Alqueva

Vale do Ninho Nature Houses

The balance between rustic and modern in a 19th-century house

Craveiral Farmhouse

A "village" between the countryside and the sea

A Bela Aurora Guesthouse

A house where you feel at home

Monverde Hotel

Wrap your senses in the vineyard and wine

Mo House Porto

In the centre of Porto, with the wonderful river Douro as background

Monte do Giestal - Casas de Campo & SPA

On a Country side flair with enchanted tales…

Senhora da Rosa Tradition & Nature

Unrivaled tranquility, imbued in nature

Torre de Palma Wine Hotel

"A romantic boutique hotel with a timeless and classical refinement"

Herdade Água d'Alte

"In the heart of Central Alentejo, a Country-Chic refuge where you can hear the silence"

Herdade da Corte

"Herdade da Corte, an appeal to laziness…"

Moinho do Maneio

"With a mill in the background, an inspiring corner in the heart of Serra da Malcata"

Quinta do Chocalhinho

"A true “Quinta Alentejana“ in a real family environment"

Hotel Casa Mãe

"In the heart of Lagos, between its walls, there is a place filled with tradition and modernity."

Casa do Rio

Between the vineyards and the beautiful river Douro!

Casas do Côro

Sleep in the historic village of Marialva, between Douro and Serra da Gardunha

Adega do Fogo

A luxury holiday home in Pico, inserted in the landscape of the Pico Island Vineyard Culture.

Quinta Vale da Roca

Between the forest and the Ocean, a place to feel calmness

Quinta de Ventozelo - Douro

Located on the banks of the Douro River, it's one of the most beautiful farms in the region

Quinta do Rapozinho

"In Minho, where you truly rest"

Azul Singular Glamping Experience

A Glamping  Experiences in Azores, immersed in nature!

Sensi Azores Nature & SPA

Azores - untouched, authentic and natural

Chão do Rio

A true connection with mother nature

Abrigo da Cascata

A magical place to disconnect from the world, to the sound of shearwaters and the sea.

Pateo dos Solares Charm Hotel

“A romantic boutique hotel with a timeless and classical refinement”.

Madre de Água Hotel Rural

"A charming destination in the heart of Serra da Estrela and a gateway to explore the most...

Aldeia da Pedralva

"An old-school village with a very relaxing flair"

Casas do Moinho

"This touristic village in the heart of Odeceixe, offers the best of the Algarve with a taste of...

Quinta das Lavandas

Quinta das Lavandas is a small farm hotel based on sustainable principles and with a soft scent of...

Quinta do Marvão

"Quinta do Marvão is a little retreat in the heart of Serra de São Mamede, where nature and t...

Hotel Mercearia d'Alegria Boutique Bed & Breakfast

"Sleep in a place that once was a 1936 grocery store and have an experience marked by the sea and...

Casa Modesta

The Algarve of the olds days in a contemporary setting

Herdade Monte do Sol

The sea as a backdrop and the forest as a surrounding environment

Mountain Whisper

The tranquillity on the hillside of Serra da Lousã

Quinta da Cabrita - Country Houses

Feel at home overlooking the Ribatejo countryside on a secular farm!

Herdade da Sanguinheira

A paradise in the heart of Alentejo

Convento da Sertã Hotel

Stay in a former convent that today is a boutique hotel!

Casa da Cisterna

A hidden gem house within the castle walls

Morgado do Quintão

Country life in the Algarve

Herdade do Ananás

A true tribute to the Azores

Escarpa - The Madeira Hideaway

Traditional Madeira lifestyle with a touch of luxury

Casa do Arco Douro Exclusive

Above and beyond simplicity in the Douro region

Villa Pedra Natural Houses

Live and be part of an authentic reconstructed village

Socalco Nature

Socalco Nature Calheta, a country house focused on a gastronomic experience, by the hands of Chef ...

Three House Hotel

A cool & relaxed place , right in the center of Funchal.


Scenic Routes in Douro

"The most beautiful roads in Portugal - by the wine region of Douro."

A love affair in Alentejo

“What we all need in life is love, love, love…love is all we need!”

Food Lovers in Algarve

“Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.”  – Ruth Reichl

Surfing Days in Matosinhos

"Come witness what has always been our country’s faith: the Sea!"

Food & Wine Tour in Douro & North of Portugal

"The best way to know a country is by learning about its gastronomy. You will love Portugal at...

A love affair in Douro

“What we all need in life is love, love, love…love is all we need!”

An Eco Tour of Portugal

Enjoy the very best of Portugal on a sustainable approach

Walking in Paiva Walkaways

Stairways and suspended bridges, in a lush green scenario

Nature & Wines Lovers - Porto and the North of Portugal

Wild Nature, Wine experiences and off-the-beaten track places to be discovered at the North of...

Surf and discover Costa Vicentina

"Let your journey be driven, wave after wave."

Family Getaway in Alentejo

"Family moments today, will be precious memories tomorrow".

Running in Douro Valley

Feel good running in the Douro region

Running alongside Douro River, in Porto

Run in Porto and get the best of the city

Peniche Waves - Surf Tour

Catch some waves and connect yourself  to the sea

Discover the Portuguese gastronomy from North to South with “The Art of Tasting Portugal”

In 2 Weeks, discover the unique flavours of Portugal, from North to South.

Nature & Food Lovers Azores

Pure nature and delicious food, discover why the Azores Islands are so special

Nature & Food Lovers Madeira

Madeira, a paradise for nature and food lovers, right in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean!

The charming Douro Valley Walk Tour

"Douro’s beauty is the result of the perfect harmony between the natural surroundings and men i...

Scenic Routes in Alentejo

"Portugal’s Most Scenic Routes - Driving along southwest Portugal’s coast."

Tâmega Rail Trail - Bike Tour

Pedal next to the river Tâmega and be dazzled by the diversity of the landscape along the way

Hike & Cook in Alentejo

Walk through heritage and nature together with a cooking workshop in Alentejo

Douro Tunnel Route - Walk Tour

Walk along the old historic Douro railway line that crossed between Porto and Paris.

Wine Experience in Lagoa, Algarve

Share the passion for food & wine in Algarve

Heritage Food Tour in Lisbon & Surroundings with “The Art of Tasting Portugal”

Heritage Food Tour in Lisbon & Surroundings

Heritage Food tour in Lisbon, Alentejo & Algarve with “The Art of Tasting Portugal”

Heritage Food tour in Lisbon, Alentejo & Algarve